Dr. Ton Vries & Dr. Ana Rioz

Kadijk 3, 9747 AT Groningen






Description of PI principally associated with DECADES
Dr. Ton Vries and Dr. Ana Rioz are both involved in the supervision and training of ESR 10 (WP3) at Symeres (location Groningen). Dr. Ton Vries is head of Innovation and technology at Symeres. He performed his studies in Organic chemistry and defended his PhD at the University of Groningen. In 2000, he became CEO of Syncom BV (former Symeres). After 20 years, he became managing director of Mercachem-Syncom (CRO resulting from the merge between Syncom and Mercachem in 2017) for almost 3 years. In 2020 he became Head of Innovation and Technology at Symeres. A position that allows him to rethink how to incorporate more sustainable processes in the medicine development at the company. Besides this role he is managing director of the healthy Ageing Campus Netherlands and BioBTX. Dr. Ana Rioz is Senior Scientist II at Symeres. She belongs to the Innovation and Expertise team in the Drug Development Platform. This group is mainly focused on biocatalysis, flow chemistry and PR&D. Dr. Rioz studied Organic Chemistry at the University of Oviedo. She did her PhD in biocatalysis at the same University in the group of prof. Dr. Vicente Gotor-Fernández. During this time, she had as well the opportunity to perform several short stays (3 months) at different universities as Groningen (NL), Radboud (NL) and Delaware (USA). She got her diploma in 2012 and she moved to the University of Groningen the same year to perform a post-doctoral stay with Prof. Dr. Roelfes.  After three years of research at the University she changed her career pathway to industry and started her work at Syncom (former Symeres) in 2015. Her main scientific interests are biocatalysis and sustainable chemistry.

Key Research Facilities, Infrastructure and Equipment
Symeres laboratories are fully equipped to carry out organic synthesis and perform biocatalytic processes from mg scale to multi kg scale. Symeres has a large analytical division including state-of-art chiral HPLC, GC or UPLC facilities. Analytical, semi- and preparative scale.

Hosting University/Company:
Symeres is the leading mid-sized transatlantic contract research organization for drug discovery and development needs. With over 700 highly educated scientists and professionals in six locations in Europe and two in the USA, Symeres offer best-in-class solutions for drug discovery and drug development, from small- to medium-sized molecule hits. Symeres services span across early stage hit finding all the way to the delivery of your early clinical drug substance API. Making molecules matter. Together.

Relevant Publications and/or Research / Innovation Product

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