This is it! THIS is DECADES!! We are glad to finally be able to present to you the team. 

Consisting of a great mixture of companies and universities DECADES has gathered a great team to work on DESs and with groundbreaking research projects. This team is the best basis DECADES could wish for, for the execution of this project which is reaching for the future of industrial biocatalysis. 

If you are curious about the individual team members check out our webpage 

PhD candidates: Katerina Margariti, Ariel Tijman, Marina Grgić, Katarína Kavčiaková, Chiara Falcini, Francesco Napoletano, Andrea Puglisi, Daniel Alonzo Durante Salmerón, Ivan Perković Sugijo and Johannes Zechner

Consortium: Selin Kara (University of Hanover ), Robert Kourist (Technische Universität Graz), Juan Manuel Bolivar Bolivar and Andres R. Alcántara  (Universidad Complutense de Madrid and TRANSBIOMAT Biotechnology and Applied Materials), Marco Fraaije (University of Groningen), Gonzalo de Gonzalo Calvo (Universidad de Sevilla), André Pick and Jochen Schmid (Cascat GmbH), Ana Rioz and Ton Vries (Symeres), Pablo Domínguez de María (Sustainable Momentum), Francesco Falcioni (AstraZeneca), Beatriz Dominguez and Amin Bornadel (Johnson Matthey), Ralf Zuhse (Chiracon GmbH), Giovanni Sannia (Biopox s.r.l.), Hugo van Beek (Gecco Biotech B.V.), Andreas Taden (Henkel), and Özge Tigli (Bumbuku Creatives)