MSc. Özge Tigli Tasli


1091VC, 289-4,
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Creative Director and Founder of Bumbuku Özge Tığlı Taşlı
MSc. Özge Tigli Tasli (f) is the Creative Director and Founder of Bumbuku. She is a digital storytelling specialist with +10 years of experience in the field of social impact, digital media and visual storytelling. She studied International Relations and received her master’s degree in Media and Cultural Studies in Middle East Technical University (METU; Ankara, Turkey) in 2010. She has worked with universities and several international organizations such as; Amnesty International, Child Helpline International, Correlation Harm Reduction Network to create unique and remarkable digital stories for social good. Bumbuku will produce several animation videos to communicate the research findings with the public. Ms. Tığlı Taşlı will provide training (for ESRs as well as for PIs) on Digitalization of Research Outcomes for dissemination. She will support R. Kourist and P. Dominguez de Maria in WP6 for INTERfaces’ public outreach.

Company: Bumbuku Creatives
Bumbuku Creatives (Bumbuku), is an Amsterdam based Award-winning Digital Storytelling Agency, expert in Social Impact. Their mission is to increase impact of change makers by helping them communicate their data and messages with their audience by digitalising their data, campaigns and trainings by the help of data visualisation, animation videos, infographics, digital illustrations, websites. They work with any social impact organisations like; NGOs, non-profit organisations, universities, museums, municipalities etc. and work for social responsibility projects of companies. They help these organizations reach a wider audience with efficient digital storytelling strategies. They also conduct trainings on digital storytelling for the organizations to help these organizations tell engaging stories and communicate their messages with their own audience in an efficient and self-sustainable way.

Storytelling is the best way of communicating information and data to a wider range of audience. Digital technology can help elevate the practice of storytelling as a means to construct a strong communication between the scientific world and the public. Animation videos and infographic images have the capability to provide useful information with pure clarity in the shortest amount of time. We aim to communicate the findings of the research community to a non-scientific audience and to help them utilize the research findings in practice.

Relevant Publications and/or Research / Innovation Product

  1. (Child Helpline International-Help Children)
  2. (Veritas Vision-A Digital Storytelling Campaign for a distribution network for healthy, self-sufficient and sustainable products for low income households in Africa)
  3. Clothes Campaign-Living Wage for Garment Workers Campaign)
  4. (MamaCash-Environmental Justice Campaign)
  5. (Chemistry Department of Adolphe Merkle Institute/ University of Fribourg-Explaining a new malaria diagnostic )
  6. (Correlation Harm Reduction Network-Hepatitis Testing Campaign)